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  Beachcomber Lodge in Takara Springs, Vanuatu is FOR SALE.
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The Beachcomber Lodge is ideally situated at Takara Springs North Efate in Vanuatu
which is a 50 minute drive from the capital Port Vila. You can also take an 8 minute flight by light plane landing at Takara's own Quion Hill airstrip.

The Takara area is renowned in the Pacific for its thermal activity and Hot Springs. The Beachcomber Lodge has taken advantage of this position and tapped into the natural thermal springs and created two hot swimming areas - One internal spa and one outside thermal swimming pool.

The Beachcomber Lodge is famous amongst the locals and the expatriate
clientele for the healing qualities of its thermal pools. Another pool that is
thirty meters long is used for relaxation and exercise.
  Various activities around Beachcomber Lodge can be enjoyed by visitors who are looking for excitement, adventure and all around fun. The beachfront location is ideal for Yachting, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Surfing, and even Kite Surfing. Surrounding areas offer adventures for Canoeing, experiencing cultural immersion among the Local Villages and the surrounding Rainforest, and visitors can also tour the many World War II relics near the resort.
The Lodge Restaurant offers gastronomic delights caught
fresh from the bounty of the sea.

With a grant from The Millennium Group that approved to upgrade the road around the Island of North Efate, this is the side of the island that the Beachcomber is situated. On completion of the sealed road, travel time to the Beachcomber Lodge and the new
subdivision will be cut considerably. This will make the 50 minute trip to the
Beachcomber even more attractive to people residing in Port Vila, potentially increasing the tourist trade dramatically.

The Beachcomber Lodge is a very attractive business opportunity as it allows the new
owners to either take advantage of the relaxed lifestyle that living in the tropics offers, an ideal Bed and Breakfast, as well as being able to live out of the business and
maintaining a modest income, making the Beachcomber Lodge the perfect opportunity
to raise a family.

Alternatively, new owners may choose to further develop the existing structures and
promote the business as an international resort and make more than a healthy income
out of it. The option is there for the new owner. $1,200,000 Au plus 12.5% local VAT.

People in business can also take advantage of the friendly business environment that
Vanuatu has to offer. Vanuatu is a premiere Pacific financial center for the
administration and management of offshore companies, banks, insurance companies,
trusts and shipping registration.

Any new investor would be in an opportune moment to enjoy Vanuatu’s unique tax
privileges for there are no personal or corporate income taxes, no estate or gift duties, no exchange controls and secure privacy provisions. Vanuatu is invisible from any International tax treaties for it has not signed any international tax agreements, thus further ensuring confidentiality for investors.


Beachfront Lots for Sale at Takara Springs, North Efate – Republic of Vanuatu

Other investors may also consider Beachfront land parcels numbering 10 in all approximately 3000m/2 with some larger to 4000m/2 are for sale at Takara Springs, North Efate in Vanuatu.

All blocks of beachfront land for sale have access to the natural thermal hot springs located beneath the surface of the land, not to mention therapeutic benefits.

Fresh water access is available from Quion Hills along the property boundaries. All beachfront land for sale are flat, with most areas cleared, however vegetation has been left for a natural feel.

This is the only new release of land for sale on the North part of Efate that is available at the moment. Land can be built on for residential purposes or may be changed to commercial purpose with application or held on to as an investment as the property market in Vanuatu continues to rise due to the increase in demand for beachfront land.